Leading edge customers tend to jealously guard the value that they have gained from our system, but some of the customer success stories have led to

-          Improved awareness of customer frequency, favourite places and paths

-          A way of communicating better with customers – right into their hands

-          Increased sales and conversion rates

Some tips for new players:

Good content helps a lot: One of the great things that we have noticed about our Wi-Fi content delivery system is that patronage increases over time if the content is engaging. Typically adding locally relevant content linked with compelling of either a news worthy nature or related to a specific subject or product is key. Sourcing this and presenting it in a visually compelling manner is critical.

Hyperlocal is a great option: Hyperlocal Digital Marketing is a term used to describe highly targeted digital marketing based on a specific geographic area or location. The goal of using hyper-local marketing is to target consumers where they are already shopping.

Whether a consumer is in a shopping mall, by a restaurant, or close to a store, seeing an ad or special offer can increase the chances of making a purchase. It can also be used to target users in segmented area based on items like news or the weather

In a Hyperlocal context, a logical conclusion would be that the brands would be prepared, at the very minimum to pay the equivalent if not higher per-click charge for ads delivered through the Wi-Fi system in comparison with website traffic.

  •        A typical customer is likely to take up a local offer, given the opportunity
  •        Show local vouchers prior to asking for VIP system registration to encourage more signups
  •        Insert video or static content with a call to action to encourage click-throughs
  •        Run multi-site campaigns for higher numbers
  •        Provide a premium retailer or brand Wi-Fi network in some instances, offering cut-down reporting and their own Wi-Fi network access with priority bandwidth