Broadband Services

Discovery Broadband for Business

With highly competitive pricing and a wide range of solutions, Discovery Broadband is the perfect fit for small, medium and large businesses - whether you have a single office or a large corporate network ranging across Australia.

Why Discovery Broadband?

Discovery Broadband has been providing tailored, quality Business Broadband Services to the Australian and New Zealand market for 14 years. Many of our customers are long term due to our absolute focus on fulfilling their needs.

Business Grade Only
Designed for business customers only. They focus on what businesses need, where other ISP's cater for residential and businesses. No queues. Accountable SLA's.

Quality and Reliability of Network
We only provide high quality network options. As such, their core networks have the economies of scale which increases redundancy and quality of services to customers.


Low contention especially on ADSL2 Services
Ever had slow down of your internet just when you need it the most? This is because some ISP's allocate many customers to a single pipe, and as demand increases, bandwidth per customer reduces. We keep the allocation of customers lower, so you don't lose that speed when you need it.

Unlimited uploads
The big gotcha for many customers. Many ISP's talk about data usage, both download and upload. With us, all uploads are unmetered.

Discovery Broadband - Supporting Businesses is what we do!

Personalised service

Quality and responsive support

If you'd like to know more please contact our friendly and knowledgable staff who will be pleased to discuss your needs.