Network Design and Consultancy

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Take advantage of our years of experience tailoring network solutions to suit your business. We will assess your requirements in line with your business goals and advise you on the technology solution that will best support you to grow whilst controlling costs.

Network Design aligned with your business goals

Networks may evolve, but they should always follow business goals and sound network design fundamentals. We believe only then can a network meet the specific business needs of an organisation, and provide reliable, secure, fast and efficient business communication. This is network infrastructure - business systems need solid network infrastructure to run on.


Discover our approach

Our consultative approach - is all about your business and effective end results

  • Engagement
    Assess your requirements - candid evaluations for maximum impact and flexibility
  • Design
    Technology solutions tailored to your unique requirements - complex business problems solved with process and technology
  • Cost
    Competitive pricing - appropriate solutions with true return on investment
  • Implementation
    Executed professionally - an end-to-end solution with everything you expect, and more
  • Day to Day Support
    Professional and friendly support - we're there for you when you need us
  • Optimise
    A partnership for progress - work together to increase operational efficiency

Discover the options:

Basic network design

Even for a basic network design we need to understand the need for it before we can understand the requirements from the proposed network. Until we have that understanding, any quote for cabling, wireless network, switches, servers, routers or firewalls may be flawed.
If we supply, physically install and configure the hardware and software we have integrated into our design, we then have complete knowledge of the whole infrastructure. This allows us to produce meaningful documentation for handover and makes subsequent support much easier for us and you

Advanced network design

Our advanced network design skills meet specific business requirements. For example, these may include Microsoft™ Terminal Services solutions to deploy applications across multiple sites. Private Networks or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may form these Wide Area Networks (WANs).


WAN Optimisation

As IT functions become increasingly centralised, it's hammered constantly for both input and output by all parts of the business.

This has huge ramifications for your network connections. Centralising IT is surely the smart thing to do, as it enables better, more fine-grained control and management of assets. The big question however is if the network can handle all the extra traffic that's being generated.

If you are part of an organisation with offices scattered around the country, or around the globe, your users will be accessing their data not from a machine in the local server closet, but from a remote server.

When that happens, do users still feel that the data is being accessed locally? The answer had better be yes, or the helpdesk's phone lines will be glowing.

Discovery Technology partners with the leading technology brands in WAN optimisation. We can bring valuable advice on which technology best suits your requirements.

Talk to Discovery today - we have years of experience in designing networks for businesses, supporting their growth aspirations through our consultative approach.