Wireless Solutions

Reduce complication in your work environment with Wireless Solutions by providing staff and guests ways to easily access and keep information secure from virtually anywhere.

The prevalence of laptops and worker mobility has prompted the need for wireless network solutions for businesses of all sizes. The IT industry has responded with innovative technology and resources that allow remote access to LAN, servers, printers, the internet and company files.

What we do

  • Design
  • Site Surveys
  • Implementation
  • Security
  • Management and Support
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Location awareness and tracking
  • Guest Networks

The Benefits

Wireless services take communications and distributed computing to a new level, enabling mobile users to operate as if in the central office, complete with content delivery, data exchange, and client authentication. Combining point-to-point microwave solutions with 802.11, cellular, and other standards, enterprise wireless solutions are transforming the way business works. From the architectural design to testing, deployment, and optimization, Discovery can extend any computing environment though advanced wireless services.

Design and Site Surveys

Deployment of a wireless network requires careful planning. Business requirements and objectives need to be evaluated, and a site survey must be undertaken to determine possible sources of interference. WiFi Networks can be difficult to implement in high interference areas, can be incompatible with existing equipment, and can also open up security risks. WLANs are best used in addition to-rather than as a replacement to-wired networks. Our engineers will assure proper planning when designing and implementing your wireless network. The complexity of your network will vary depending on the size of your facility and any obstacles that exist within it.


Network Deployment and Validation

Beyond wireless network planning and design services, Discovery can help deploy and validate wireless networks. With experience in networks of varying sizes, the team can engage in a variety of capacities including:

  • Turn-key project management
  • Site surveys
  • Wireless system integration
  • Drive testing to validate coverage and performance
  • System/Cluster/site-level testing, troubleshooting, and remediation
  • Site audit and site acceptance